Why Donate?

The Marine Mammal Rescue Centre would not be able to save the lives of sick and injured animals without the generous support of our donors.

We are the only facility of our kind in Canada, and each year more than 150 animals require our help. Your gift today can help provide the specialized care, food and medication that each animal needs in order to have the best chance of survival.


The cost of running the rescue centre

Rescue and rehabilitation of marine mammals is a highly labour-intensive process. We're lucky to have many dedicated volunteers who give their time to this important program. However, the costs of medications, veterinary care, animal food and more add up quickly.

Costs for the Rescue Centre increase every year—and that doesn't include exceptional cases like cetaceans, sea otters, sea lions, fur seals, turtles and other marine mammals.


How to donate

You can help with ongoing program support or emergency rescues by making a one-time donation, symbolically adopting a seal or by becoming a monthly donor. Even a gift of $5 a month can make a big difference!

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By making a gift today, you will help give our patients a second chance at life. Even a small gift can make a big difference.

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You can symbolically adopt one of the Rescue Centre patients and support the work of the Rescue Centre.

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By becoming a monthly donor you'll be one of our most dedicated supporters and will provide steadfast support throughout the year.